I don’t know what has happened to my brain, but it’s been very difficult for me to write.  I can’t seem to put a coherent paragraph together lately.  So instead of trying to write a worthy post, let me just give you the scoop on what I’ve been up to, as well as other random thoughts. :)

  • I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this blog, or if I should even continue it.  We’ll see…
  • I have been somewhat uninspired to create anything artistic lately.  It worries me that maybe I’m just tapped out.  :(
  • I’ve been cleared to start work and will be starting my new job after Thanksgiving.  I’m excited to begin this new chapter of my life, but I do have some reservations about the lack of free time I will have.  I’ll have to find a way to adjust.  It’s been over 20 years since I’ve worked full-time.  Can you believe it?
  • The most stressful thing about starting work has been trying to figure out what to wear.  I’ve spent a week of frantic shopping for proper office attire, and it has not been fun.  I think we should all wear uniforms to work.  That’s the first thing I should put into the suggestion box. haha. :)
  • My workouts have been going well.  I stopped doing the Insanity program but started the Charlene Extreme, and I’m continually getting more fit each day.  I do the Tabata workout on the two off days from the new program, and I am really liking that as well.  With the Tabata, I get a great workout in a short amount of time.  I’m pretty confident that I will continue to make it my priority even after starting work, because I will not give myself a choice NOT to work out.  I thought I’d never say this…but I DO look forward to working out every day.  Yay!
  • I bought the new Nikon D600.  This is monumentally significant for two reasons.  First, I bravely made the switch from Canon to Nikon.  I may or may not regret it, but so far, I love my new camera!  Secondly, this is the most money I’ve ever spent on a toy (especially for myself) in my whole entire life!  Yikes!  It was very, VERY scary.  (I still wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat from buyer’s remorse…  sheesh!)