I think the below image that I created while I was working on my final project (Project in[SPIRE]) is appropriate for this post.

I just got back from being interviewed by DTLT, UMW, about their Domain of One’s Own Project and my experience with DS106 during my last semester.

I honestly don’t think I gave great answers because I was nervous about being on camera; but on my way home and thinking about what I SHOULD have said, it became clear to me what the most important thing is about having an identity and a presence on the web.

THIS is it.  THIS is why.  Because I can think out loud and shout my ideas to the world.  And I can be sure that someone, somewhere has heard it.  Then suddenly, I am not alone.

I believe that ideas don’t just appear out of nowhere in one person’s head.  I believe the best ideas happen in the process of bouncing.  In the process of bouncing, the ideas grow into things that we could have never imagined on our own.  We need each other, other like-minded people, to bounce our ideas if we are to make those ideas into reality.  How many of us… us explorers… have been frustrated with our immediate and limited circle of people who are not willing to bounce with us?  The web provides that larger community of like-minded people with whom we can feel free to bounce to our heart’s content.  Ultimately, the bouncing can birth ideas bigger than all of us.

It is true that there are many people out there who shy away from an online presence and fear the web, and I do truly believe that much of that fear is unfounded.  Sure, there will always be a few bad guys/gals out there, but I know from experience that there is more good to be had online than bad.

That is the greatest impact my experience with DS106 had on my education.  It eliminated my fears —  my fears about my abilities, my fears about the online community, my fears about technology, and my fears about sharing ideas.

That. is what I wanted to say but probably did not articulate very well on camera.

Thank goodness that I have a place, a “domain of my own,” where I can think out loud to the world… Yay! :)


(below is a wonderful doodle by the amazing Giulia Forsythe)

A Domain Of One's Own #umwfa12