I was recently asked to design a wine label for a contest.

Someone in my husband’s office has friends in Croatia who own a restaurant and a vinyard.  The owners have decided to hold a label-making contest for their wine.  The prize for the winning design will be a case of wine bearing the designed label.  She said that we could split the prize if we win.  hmm… very tempting, indeed!  So I went to work, using Photoshop.

I was given the following information with various photographs she had taken while visiting the town.

Name of village:  Ston, Croatia

Type of grapes:  Plavac Mali

Name of restaurant:  Stagnum

Things to be included on the label:

  • Name of the restaurant using same or similar font
  • The wall that surrounds the town
  • Front gate of the restaurant

While researching information about wine label designs, I found this undergraduate research that looked at how the aesthetics of a label can change the perception of quality and also the price of the wine.  Fascinating!!

Anyway, here are the images that I chose to work with:


…and….. drum roll……

Here is the finished design:


This is sort of how it would look on a bottle:


What do you think??  :)  Do you think we will win?   I’ll keep you posted!

kee-dae-ha-shi-ra !!!  (Remember? This phrase in Korean means “expect great things!”) Yay!